Really?I have to worry about this too?

Things at work have gotten progressively slower in terms of sales. There are 4 of us hourly people in the office & we were called in & told our hours would be cut to 32 a week but we were to apply for unemployment for the other 8 which is called the “shared work program” in unemployment. I was able to take time for appointments & get paid half the day for it. We also “got Christmas week off” meaning we got Christmas Eve & Christmas day off but had to use PTO for the remaining days. Fine. I wasn’t going to take a vacation until my port was removed.

Christmas week they cancelled most zumba classes at my gym. The pain in my right side & back were increasing although lifting weights seemed to help. It’s hard for me to motivate to go to the gym without a class though.

The day before Christmas I had a CT scan & a colonoscopy was scheduled for that Friday. I was thinking the colon prep would answer the question if I was really backed up & it was the cause of the pain.

The colonoscopy was super clean & the pain was back after my procedure.

2 days later I was convulsing in pain so I called 911. My neighbor drove me to the ER and by the time I got there the pain was under control & they sent me home with no explanation.

4 days later the pain was back with a vengeance and I called the ambulance. I told the EMT every last detail & theory about the cause of my pain & he was annoyed that I didn’t give simple yes or no answers to his questions. I just didn’t want to leave because it was a $2000 ambulance ride and I wanted my money’s worth.

I was approved for an MRI but it wasn’t scheduled yet. While I was at the ER my sister really pushed to get the MRI expedited. I don’t know how that works with insurance so I fought the idea because I figured it would find anything & I will just have to fight with my insurance company.

Of course nothing remarkable was found so they sent me home with 2 more prescriptions. The prednesone didn’t do anything but give me chin wiskers & not allow me to get my Keytruda infusion.

I was in too much pain to work Monday & Tuesday. On Thursday I was laid off my job due to lack of work. I am officially screwed.

Author: DeeDee McCarty

Former comedian, runner, & Zumba addict gets tired of bleeding out on office furniture & cute undies and finally after 5 years gets diagnosed with stage 4 endomedrial cancer. This is my story. After learning how to see the humor in everything I figure that a blog is the best way to educate, inform, and make people snort milk out of their nose.

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