Not The Best Way To Get Diagnosed

I used to be the ideal example of healthy. I used to run, do triathalons, lift weights, do zumba. When I reached my late 30s my weight wasn’t what I wanted it to be but slowed metabolism will do that to you. I had typical female inconveniences but nothing seemed abnormal. Then 8 years ago it started getting annoying. My paps were always fine but the cramping & bleeding got increasingly worse.

My ongoing joke with my general practitioner was to take my whole female apparatus out now. I was still lifting weights & doing Zumba & had a pretty good tolerance for pain, but once I was ruining office furniture & car seats with blood stains from the almost constant hemorraging I asked if I could go on depo provera since my annual physicals proved that I was normal, just premenopausal.

My doctor wrote me a script for estrogen instead. She likes it because she was on it and made her less bitchy. Was I being bitchy? I don’t thing I was… yet. The estrogen made me extremely crampy & I bled like crazy. On the way to work I was walking up some stairs & was really sweaty & out of breath. I’m a gym rat. I can handle stairs so that was weird. I decided to rally and hop on the bus that takes me from the city center to my work & drops people off at the methadone clinic. In my sweaty, hyperventilating state I blended in with many of the riders. I saw the look of relief when I asked the girl in the seat next to me if she could ring the bell so I could get off the bus. I laid my head on my purse & called 911 for an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I had a feeling the estrogen may have been a bad idea.

Apparently I was right. Luckily I didn’t need a blood transfusion but if I didn’t seek attention when I did I probably would have. I met a great ongyn at the hospital who scheduled me for an ablation because she suggested I may have some precancerous cells. She was also shocked about the whole estrogen thing, like it was a bad idea. That whole scraping of the uterus thing hurt like a mofo. From that I was told there appeared to be cancerous cells, but they didn’t appear to be angry, but I was going to get the hysterectomy I’ve wanted for a few years. Before my hysterectomy they realized my blood pressure was high & I needed my general practitioner to write me a script for BP meds. I was not thrilled to go back to that doc after the estrogen thing but I didn’t have a replacement doctor at the time so I was stuck. I really wanted the surgery because I was in constant pain. She wasn’t sure what to prescribe me so she gave me something safe that pregnant women can take. I was comparing symptoms with WebMD so after my surgery my doctor told me I had stage 4 uterine cancer I simply felt justified that I was right, I wasn’t being a whiney little bitch about premenopause.

Author: DeeDee McCarty

Former comedian, runner, & Zumba addict gets tired of bleeding out on office furniture & cute undies and finally after 5 years gets diagnosed with stage 4 endomedrial cancer. This is my story. After learning how to see the humor in everything I figure that a blog is the best way to educate, inform, and make people snort milk out of their nose.

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