Chemo fun

Once my infested girl parts were removed and found that the cancer wasn’t angry, it was pissed! I was recommended 6 rounds of chemotherapy. I was less than thrilled because I had heard from someone who has been through it that the side effects are hell. My surgeon did a great job of convincing me with advances in cancer research that it’s not so bad. He was a good salesman because I was thinking of my hair loss as an adventure. American Cancer Society has a wig bank so woot! woot! Free new hair! Different colors, textures & styles! What more can a girl want? The side effects started three days after my first chemo. Mostly it was bone pain so bad I wanted to chop my feet off. My oncologist told me to take Claritin to relieve the pain. No shit. It really works! I think it releases the histamines that build up in your bones. I was prescribed 2 types of anti nausea meds I didn’t take because they constipate you. I never got nauseous anyway. I’m still dealing with really bad constipation so dropping a duce is a big deal for me.

Author: DeeDee McCarty

Former comedian, runner, & Zumba addict gets tired of bleeding out on office furniture & cute undies and finally after 5 years gets diagnosed with stage 4 endomedrial cancer. This is my story. After learning how to see the humor in everything I figure that a blog is the best way to educate, inform, and make people snort milk out of their nose.

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