Resolve Resources To Tighten Up Your Lower Thirds

Davinci Resolve is hands down my favorite video editing solution. For my needs it beats out all commercial and open source solutions on just about every front.

Resolve is fully multi-platform. It runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac. It’s also a very mature product, and heavily used in Hollywood productions. Resolve is a tool that can successfully bend it’s hand to many tasks. Everything from basic editing, to node based compositing, to 3d scene construction & rendering, to color grading can be accomplished in Resolve, usually in a highly intuitive manner.

The real kicker is that it’s free for many use cases, and if you want to purchase a commercial license it’s cheap ($299) compared to all other solutions. It’s arguably even cheaper if you’re in the market for any of the Blackmagic Cameras that come with a commercial license bundled in.

The only product I’d say can compete in all those areas is Nuke, another node based compositor and editing suite available on all platforms. In my experience though Nuke is a lot less stable, and it clocks in at nearly 5 grand for the most basic commercial license they offer.

Some of the big players currently kicking around in the video editing/compositing suite space:

  • Final Cut
    • $299.99
    • Mac only
  • Adobe Premier
    • $31.49 a month for the rest of your video editing life
    • Mac and Windows only
    • Layers based compositing 🤮
    • You’ll probably need more Adobe Cloud subscriptions to support your pipeline.
  • Nuke
    • $4988 minimum for a commercial license
    • Arguably more of an industry standard than Resolve
    • Linux, Mac, and Windows Support
    • Does offer a free version to learn on, like Resolve.
    • Most of what you learn in Resolve can be directly applied to Nuke and vice versa.
  • Blender
    • Free
    • Open source
    • Linux, Mac, and Windows Support
    • Seems to be perpetually in beta or alpha
    • Buggy beyond belief in my experience
  • Avid Media Composer
    • Offers a Free version
    • Windows and Mac support only
    • Looks comparable to Resolve in features

While all of the above are interesting options, Resolve in my Weapon Of Choice in this arena. If you’re wanting to get into video production it would be where I recommend you start.

The stock offerings for titles and such can be kind of basic, but Resolve has a lot of online tutorials and resources available. Like this video from MotionEpic which details a pay what you wish title animation pack.

MotionEpic’s YouTube channel is also a great resource for learning Resolve as well.

Happy Hacking.

Author: Jeremy Whitman

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