Pulitzer Prize–winning photograph of the attack taken by Ryan Kelly for The Daily Progress
I think it's become apparent this year that you can't <strong>"Own The Libs!"</strong> without also owning yourself. It's funny that such a selfish, and ignorant, and brutal political philosophy as the Far Right avows would produce such selfish and ignorant and brutal people as it does.

I think it’s become apparent this year that you can’t “Own The Libs!” without also owning yourself.

It’s funny that such a selfish, and ignorant, and brutal political philosophy as the Far Right avows would produce such selfish and ignorant and brutal people as it does.

But that’s the situation we find ourselves in as Liberals, or Centrists, or even Moderate Right in this country. Thanks to Trumps spectacularly bad approach to COVID, we are now locked in here with people who hate us. And boy do they hate us. Why? For the crime of wanting a government of equality and compassion, apparently. They hate us so much for that, that they seem fully willing to burn the country down with us both of us in it to prove it.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but neither does any of the anti-mask rhetoric. For the records, these people just aren’t comfortable in a mask if it doesn’t cover their whole face.

“These People”

As best as I can tell, anyone still with Trump wants to be a slave, because they can’t own slaves. This sort of reasoning is why you can’t argue with these people. Their fundamental outlook makes no sense. Always be wary of an angry masochists, they want to hurt you more than they care about protecting themselves.

I think ultimately Trump is going to try to “activate” these people to stay in power.

There I said it.

I’ll elaborate a bit since I have your attention.

The President of the United States is going to lose the election and in response he’s going to try and have his followers kill American Citizens to remain in power.

Mark my words. In about 80 or 90 days it’s going to become apparent that the President not lost, but lost badly, despite also having cheating horribly. (In the sort of hat trick of incompetence that only this man is capable of pulling off.) Then he is going to get on TV and use the words ‘Civil War’.


And this time it’s going to take. One of two of these far right militia groups is going to call anyone they have on staff that hasn’t lost a foot to Diabetes, and tell them to tool up because the party is finally starting.


Realistically what this will look like is around 60-80 dudes, probably a few vets in there, probably a couple of real internet-gold-standard-wing-nuts, probably a lot of crossover, anyway…This pack of people so confident that they are are the master race that they must constantly armed right up to their missing teeth to prove it, is going to go to war with Democracy itself, while waving the American flag. They will go out in public, kill a bunch of people, and probably take over a building.

In the background people will be arguing about if schools should be open, as the CORONA death count passes the quarter million mark.

And then, these people who won’t wear a mask unless it covers their whole face, will then be wiped off the face of The Earth.

Just who will do the wiping is up to some debate, but this stain will be cleaned and flushed, you mark my words. Cleaned by the National Guard if they are lucky, by our trigger happy and general brutality prone police force if they are less lucky, or by an angry mob if they are extremely unlucky. Personally, that last option is my favorite.

Basically, what Trump plan to stay in power is to have a replay of Unite The Right.

Someone should tell him how that worked out the first time. Perhaps while they share a cell.

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